Jervis Campbell – Find You Chords

IntroEmGDCVerse 1Em I don’t knowG What tomorrow holdsEDxcept I will remain here in Your CpresenceCEm When the days are toughG When the current’s roughBut sDtill I’ll keep my head above the CwaterChorusCAnd I don’t wanna Emhold backYou know I can’t Gdo thatJust wanna fDind YouTell me how to Cfind YouAnd I don’t wanna sEmlow downI … Read more

Jervis Campbell – All I’m After Chords (Nancy Daines)

Verse 1GWhat can hold back the stDarsFrom singing Your nEmame?And who am I, but a witCness?GAnd they’re just like my heDartSo wonderfully maEmdeYou’re all around me, I can feel CitPre-ChorusEmOh-oh-ohCOh-oh-ohChorusGYour love goes DonYour name stands Emstrong, and Your heart is aCll I’m afterGAnd Your hands, they DhealAnd Your words reEmveal that Your heart is aCll … Read more