Riley Clemmons – In This Moment Chords

IntroCHmm, hmm, Ghmm, hmmAmHmm, hmm, Fhmm, hmmVerse 1C No wonder you’re GexhaustedYou’ve been Amcarrying a load that wasn’t Fmeant for your shouldersC You keep saying that you Ggot thisBut now you’re Emrunning out of hope and your sFpirit’s sinking lowerPre-ChorusC You hide from God to Ghide the shameTill Amyou’re enough toF earn some graceBut Cthere’s … Read more

Riley Clemmons – When Nothing Hurts Chords

IntroWhen Gnothing hurts, Anothing hurtsBmWhen nothing hurtsVerse 1GI always fall at Your feet when AI’m dying inBmside (Ah-ah-ah)I Agive You the pain in my chest when it’s F#mtoo much to EmhidePre-ChorusEmI pull You close to AmeEm When this life cuts AdeepChorusBut when Deverything gets easyIt’s Aeasy not to keep you firstBmGod, make me desparate for … Read more

Riley Clemmons – Irreplaceable Chords

IntroCEmOh,D oh BmYeahCEmoohDVerse 1So many Cdays I feel like EmI’m invisiDbleHow could a CGod so big Emnotice me here at Dall?Pre-ChorusOne of a Cbillion prayers at Your EmfeetOne of so Dmany people in needBmLost in a Glie that tells me EmI am nothing DspecialChorusBut to You I CamMore than Emjust a face in a DcrowdWorth … Read more

Riley Clemmons – Stuck Inside My Head Chords

IntroEmCOoh-oohGBmOoh-oohVerse 1Em Like a song I’ve heardC one to many timesG Like the same old movie,Bm you always gonna D7make me cryEm Just pain and troubleC with a good disguiseG Tryna start a fire,Bm tryna steal my lightPre-ChorusEm All you ever did was hold me backCSo now I’m never ever coming backBut Gwhy?Tell me why … Read more

Riley Clemmons – A Little Faith Chords

IntroDAEOoh ooh oohDAEOoh-ooh-oohVerse 1So you think you’re Ddone, but AI wouldn’t Ebet itThe movie isn’t Dover till Athey roll the Ecredits, hmmYou gotta keep on Dturning pages, AGod knows this Eis not the endYou still Dgot a prayer Auntil somebody says EamenPre-ChorusDSome days will come at you C#mswingingSome days will Eknock you down (Down, but)DBut … Read more

Riley Clemmons – Godsend Chords

IntroAmGFAmGFVerse 1Am I had Gadded it FupAm I had Gmade all my FplansAm But the Groad I had Fpaved turned into dustAm And I just Gdidn’t underFstand (Ah-ah-ah)Pre-ChorusI Fprayed for You to show upI Glaid my weapons downSuAmrrendered to Your LoveAnd Glooking back nowChorusOh, Cevery closed door, every single sharp thornEvery Emanswer that didn’t make … Read more

Riley Clemmons – Headspace Chords

IntroFAmA#A-ha, a-haFAmA#A-ha, a-haVerse 1You can Fknock on the doorBut I’m not gonna Amlet you A#in, hmmYou can Fplay all your gamesBut I’m not gonna Amlet you A#win againYou can Fstep to meAmWith all your A#negativityDon’t you Fknow I’m just so over you Amunder my A#skin?(Hmm, hmm)Pre-ChorusGmAnd this time it’s not even angerAmI think we’re just … Read more